Progressive Britain is the new platform for policymaking, political education and imaginative thinking to rebuild Labour and the nation. Firmly rooted in the Labour Party, we are dedicated to national renewal and the intellectual revitalisation of the centre-left.

Progressive Britain was launched at the Progressive Britain conference in May 2021, following the merger of Progress, the movement for Labour’s progressives, and Policy Network, the international ideas exchange and think tank for progressives. You can read our launch statement here.

We think that Labour, and the centre-left more generally, require fundamental reconstruction - and we want to provide the thinking needed to reshape our future political agenda. We believe there is a once in a generation opportunity for Progressive Britain to become the intellectual driving force for political change and reconciliation in the UK.

We want as many Labour members and progressive thinkers-and-doers as possible to be a part of our network. For the process of renewal to be a success, we will need the active involvement of citizens and local communities; local, devolved and national politicians; policymakers, academics, businesses and trade unions.

We will build a coalition of support focussing on the big things that can change people’s lives in the UK, from rethinking the future economy to tackling climate change to building stronger communities and better places.

And we are internationalist, ready to learn from the experience of social-democratic and progressive forces in Europe, the United States and beyond.

Join us and help build a Progressive Britain.

We will use the summer of 2021 to finalise which elected politicians, policymakers and thinkers are involved with the organisation, and what our policy and events programmes will look like.

Progressive Britain inherits Progress’s role in Labour to Win. Going forward, activities re: thought leadership, policymaking and political education will be prioritised by Progressive Britain. Internal Labour Party organisation, elections and wider electoral campaigning will be prioritised by Labour to Win.