About Us

Progressive Britain is the platform for policymaking, political education and imaginative thinking to rebuild Labour and the nation. 

Firmly rooted in the Labour Party, we are dedicated to national renewal and the intellectual revitalisation of the centre-left.

After more than a decade of Tory rule Labour and the centre-left require fundamental reconstruction. 

New thinking is needed to reshape the political agenda. There is a once in a generation opportunity for the left to become the intellectual driving force for political change and reconciliation in the UK. To grasp it, we need ideas that are as bold and new as they are practical and deliverable.

For the process of renewal to be a success, we will need the active involvement of citizens and local communities; local, devolved and national politicians; policymakers, academics, businesses and trade unions.

Our mission to develop those ideas and build that coalition of support.  We’re focussing on the big things that can change people’s lives in the UK, from rethinking the future economy to tackling climate change to building stronger communities and better places.



Jade Albas

Communications & Programmes Officer

Tom Collinge

Head of Policy & Communications

Joseph Holland

Operations & Programmes Manager

Nathan Yeowell

Executive Director