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Building Britain's Future

Progressive Britain’s annual conference returned in an election year for another huge day of debate and discussion around our theme for this year: delivery. 

Themed around Labour’s five missions we asked how the Party can deliver for Britain and rebuild the country after over a decade of Conservative decline. 

The mountain to climb is massive, and begins with a Labour general election win. That’s is why this year we will be adding a full campaiging track to the programme. Partnering with our friends at Labour to Win we’ll give you everything you need to be confident to go out and campaign for Labour at this crucial election.

"It’s easy to look at the wider world as the source of Britain’s problems… but in a world this polarised, this dangerous, we must never forget that it is the story we tell about ourselves and the choices that we make that will determine our fate"

David Lammy, Shadow Foreign Secretary - Conference 2024

Five Missions For Britain

This year at conference we focused on the five missions and this was reflected in our conference programme.


Labour’s plan for growth is ambitious: to secure the highest sustained growth in the G7. It is based on a powerful new approach,  ‘Securonomics’. 


The NHS is on its knees. In fact, some would say it’s face down and taking a good kicking from the Tories. We have to get it back on its feet.

It’s time to rebuild the NHS.


Labour believes that security is the bedrock on which opportunities are built, communities can thrive, and local economies can prosper. 


The promise we tell our children and grandchildren that if you work hard and play by the rules, you will get on in life is sadly no longer the case for far too many.  

We’ve got to re-establish that link between hard work and opportunity.


Britain has the potential to be a clean energy superpower. But, to get cheaper bills, better jobs and energy independence requires leadership, investment, and a plan.

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Venue: 133 Houndsditch - City of London

Conference Programme

Growth for Everyone
Justin Madders, Shadow Minister for Business, Employment Rights and Levelling Up | Dan Tomlinson, PPC Chipping Barnet | Daniel Johnson MSP, Spokesperson on the Economy, Business and Fair Work | Cathleen Clarke, Labour list | Shreya Nanda, Senior Fellow, Social Market Foundation | Shreya Nanda, Senior Fellow, Social Market Foundation
How to Deliver Housing while Protecting the Countryside
Roger Mortlock, Chief Executive, CPRE, The Countryside Charity | Shama Tatler, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Growth, London Borough of Brent | Kane Emerson, Head of Housing Research, Yimby Alliance | Hywel Lloyd, Co-founder, Labour Coast and Country | Anna Clarke, Director of Policy and Public Affairs Housing Forum (Chair) | Danny Beales. PPC Uxbridge and Ruislip
Do We Need a Cultural Industrial Strategy?
Chris Bryant MP, Shadow Minister for Creative Industries and Digital | Professor Dave O’Brien, Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries at The School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at The University of Manchester | Mitchell Simmons, Paramount | Casey Calista, Labour Digital | Lisa Hayley-Jones, Director of Government and Policy Affairs, Advertising Association (Chair)
A.I — Hype or Hope?
Samantha Niblett, Labour Women In Tech, PPC for South Derbyshire | Richard Serunjogi, Venture Partner at Pioneer Fund (Y Combinator alumni) and Senior Advisor on Frontier Technology | Hannah O'Rourke, Campaign Lab (Chair) | Dom Hallas, Executive Director, Startup Coalition
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Is Labour Serious About Class?
Anneliese Dodds, Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities | Sarah Atkinson, Chief Executive, Social Mobility Foundation | Nick Bent, Chief Executive, upReach | Lisa Banes, PPC for Thirsk & Malton | Rachel Wearmouth, I paper (Chair)
Ending Hardship Through Good Work
Andrew Pakes, deputy General Secretary, Prospect | Rachel Sandby-Thomas, Skill's advisor for Labour's 2022 skills report & ex-Director General of Skills at Dept of Business & Skills 2010-2016 | Claire Ainsley, Director of the Project on Center-Left Renewal, PPI | Abdi Duale, NEC member | Kitty Ussher, former DWP Secretary of State
Generation Opportunity? Real support for families and young people
Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow | Ellen Broome, managing director, Coram Family and Childcare | Lucy Rigby, PPC Northampton North | Kiran Mahil, Secretary, Labour Women's Network and Deputy Headteacher | Fiona Simpson, Children & Young People Now (Chair)
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Net Zero and Energy
The Clean Dream: Labour's strategy for green power
Alan Whitehead, Shadow Minister for Energy Security | Daisy Powell-Chandler, Partner and Head of Energy and Environment Practice at Public First | Andy Prendergast, National Secretary, GMB | Paul McNamee, Director, Labour Climate and Environment Forum | Russell Hargreave, Editor of Politico Energy (Chair)
Regenerating Our Environment, Regenerating Our Places: Municipal green growth
Oliver Coppard, Mayor of South Yorkshire | Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council | | Peter Mason, Leader, Ealing Council | Elan Sykes, Director of Energy and Climate Policy | Nathan Yeowell, Director, Future Governance Forum (Chair/speaker)
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Mental Health Crisis: Can Labour get help to those who need it?
Jake Mills, Comedian and founder, Chasing the Stigma | Luciana Berger, Review lead, Labour's mental health review | Dr Sarah Hughes, Chief Executive, MIND | Noa Hoffman, Journalist, The Sun (chair)
Fair Care: Can Labour deliver high-quality and accessible care for all?
Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson, Director, UK Women’s Budget Group | Juliet Campbell, PPC Broxtowe | David Brindle, Chair, Ambient Support and former public services editor, The Guardian (Chair) | Nathan Jones, National Care Forum
Can Labour Save the NHS?
Zubir Ahmed, PPC Glasgow | Anna Dixon, independent social care expert and PPC Shipley | Shaun Lintern, Health correspondent, Independent (Chair) | Rosie Beacon, Research Manager and Head of Health, Reform
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Preventing Polarisation: Tackling hate crime, extremism, and conspiracy
Feryal Clarke, Shadow Minister for Crime Reduction | Sara Hyde, Chair, Fabian Society | Hamida Ali, Head of Policy, Future Governance Forum | Ayesha Hazarika (Chair)
Safe Everywhere, or Safety No-where: How do Labour tackle violence against women and girls wherever it appears?  
Alex Davies Jones MP, Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding | Andrea Simon, Director of End Violence Against Women Coalition | Tom Hayes, PPC Bournemouth | Andrew Fahey, Business Development Director, Forensic Analytics | Lara Spirit, Red Box Editor, The Times (Chair)
You've Been scammed! Cracking down on fraudsters
Steve Rick, Chief Executive, Forensic Analytics | Tijs Broeke, incoming Chair of the Policy Authority Board, City of London Corporation | Niamh McIntyre, Bureau of Investigative Journalism (Chair) | Helen Fairfax-Wall, Which?
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Campaigning to Win
Mobilise Like A Pro
Discover strategies to activate your supporters and build energy from the ground up.
Tell a Compelling Political Story
Learn the art of crafting narratives that resonate with online audiences, helping your message stand out amid digital noise.
Leverage AI for Campaign Success
Explore how artificial intelligence can enhance your campaign's efficiency. Short campaign planning: Find out what should be in your campaign grid; digital strategy; postal votes; mobilising; polling day - and the count.
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