Progressive Britain is the new platform for policymaking, political education, and imaginative thinking to rebuild Labour and the Nation, launched following the merger of Progress and Policy Network in 2021.

Rooted in the Labour Party, we are dedicated to national renewal through the intellectual revitalisation of the UK centre-left. Key to this is our rededication as a think-tank – and our ongoing work bringing politicians, policymakers, experts, and activists together to shape Labour’s next winning policy platform.

This work programme sets out our priorities and aspirations for 2022, which include:

Rebuilding Labour and the Nation
A strongly electability focused strand of research and thought which links policy with polling and politics.
A New Economic Settlement
Where we will be rethinking the nature of work, how a Labour government can encourage private markets to do public good, and what growth in the everyday economy looks like.
The Progressive Case for Place
Putting the places where we live, work and play at the heart of Labour’s national programme of renewal.
State of the Left
Understanding and learning from the challenges and success of progressives globally, with a focus on countries where they are in power.
Rethinking Labour’s Past
Promoting better understanding Labour history and interpreting it through the lens of on contemporary politics.

Download the programme here