Progressive Britain is a think-tank and membership organisation, dedicated to the intellectual and electoral revival of the centre-left. All our work is done with electability in mind and we also do specific work on political communication as well as polling. 

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The support of our members allows us to offer events, blogs and podcasts, as well as do some of our most politically sensitive research. But to truly understand the issues across Britain, and the world, today we know we need to partner with industry, civil society and academia. 

We’re interested in collaboration with partners who share our values and are working on these vital areas for the UK economy. The support of our members allows us to offer free events, blogs and podcasts, as well as do some of our most politically sensitive research. 

Working With Us

Progressive Britain is funded by members and our partners. We value the support that members and partners give us to deliver nuanced research, considered analysis and exciting events. 

While we welcome those who wish to work with us we want to ensure our work remains of the highest integrity. Our editorial independence is non-negotiable.

As an organisation, we believe that Labour needs to work with businesses to make informed policy decisions. Only through drawing from a wide variety of expertise in the private and public sector can a Labour government achieve its objectives. 

Our political and policy recommendations are drawn from discussions with our members, engagement with partners and wider research. As a condition of partnership, all our partners agree to our editorial independence.

Partnership Options
Event Partnerships

Progressive Britian events including our annual conference, Labour Party conference and topical events throughout the year are a great way to position your organisation at the centre of policy debates among British mainstream Labour thinkers. 

Our audience includes the people who will be supporting, working in, and elected to the next Labour government and our discussions are aimed at the key issues the country faces.

Research Partnerships

Progressive Britain’s research is designed to help Labour and the centre-left around world deliver on their progressive policy agenda. We support and develop the Party’s thinking on each of the missions and also highlight issues that may be further down their lists but is critical to a fair and prosperous country.

Our work is rigorous and independent we immensely value the business insight we get into key economic issues by working with our partners.

Corporate Forum

Our corporate forum is designed to bring together representatives from some of Britian’s biggest sectors with leading Labour politicians to understand how growth can be achieved in the face of the massive complexity of the modern economy.

No one policy decision happens, or has effects, in isolation so rather than host a sectoral group we are sharing and learning from everyone from transport to filmmakers to help support Labour’s modern industrial strategy. 

Our 2022/2023 Partners