Should we nationalise energy to tackle the cost of living crisis?

a gas power plant in germany

Britain needs a plan to tackle the soaring cost of energy that has resulted from the war in Ukraine. Having initially set the agenda with the Windfall Tax, Labour is bringing forward a package of cost of living measures next week. It will contain proposals to end the disparity between the costs of prepayment meters […]

How to tackle the energy poverty crisis?

Image of snowy houses

What is the crisis? Charities and consumer rights bodies have warned that a 51% rise in the energy price cap planned for April will mean “people will be left unable to eat regularly or could even be at risk of death from the cold.” Proposals to respond to this hike include a cut to VAT […]

Budget 21: Productivity politics

Rachel Reeves responding to the Autumn 21 budget

Yesterday was a far bigger budget than many in the know had expected. Analysis about what it all means for the economy is still trickling though from the Resolution Foundation, IFS and others as I write. On the day, there’s very little economics to be talked about as nobody really knows what’s happening until they’ve […]