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“There are these rare moments in history when we as progressives have the chance to get Britain its future back. The times we have seized it are burned into our retinas.”

See @DavidLammy’s keynote speech to PB Conference last Saturday, now on YouTube!⬇️

“As progressives we understand that patriotism is not nationalism. It is not exclusion. The Union Jack belongs to all of us.”

@DavidLammy opening #PBC2024 last weekend!

Keep an eye out for the full speech, coming soon 🇬🇧🌹

Wrote this on protecting women and girls from male violence: it is easy to raise sentences and create new laws, it is harder but completely vital to focus on preventing violence against women and girls. Here’s one way Labour could do it 👇

“In 1997, our job was to channel optimism. Our job now is much more fundamental: to restore the sense of belief that change is possible.”

@Alison_McGovern at her wonderful plenary speech to #PBC2024!

Keep an eye out for the full speech, coming to our Youtube channel soon 👀

With a system so deeply broken, how will Labour achieve their mission of tackling VAWG?

Criminal barrister @EllaCrine writes that Labour must focus not just on more convictions and longer sentences, but on protecting women and girls in the first place⬇️

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