The Labour Party Is A Party For Government, Not Protest

Only the most cynical or the most naïve people parrot the lie that Sam Tarry was ‘sacked for appearing on a picket line.’ If that was even a little bit true then Lisa Nandy would have been out on her ear, along with several other frontbenchers over this summer of discontent. We all know Tarry was […]

A Golden Decade of Opportunity awaits Birmingham

Commonwealth Games runners

Councillor Sharon Thompson, Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness, reflects on the impact that the Commonwealth Games will make in Birmingham. On Thursday 28th July, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will get underway, kick-starting 11 days of sport and bringing the global spotlight onto a city that for too long has been […]

Learning from Progressive Winners Across the Globe

Justin Trudeau, Olaf Scholz and Anthony Albanese standing in front of an enlarged Keir Starmer

The 2020s have marked an advancement for progressive movements across the globe. Starting with Joe Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump in the US, progressive politics has made headway around the world. When faced with the option in the ballot box, voters have started to reject the divisiveness of right-wing politics. They are now turning to […]

The Far-Left Project: A Journey Into Infighting

It is hard to tell who was more upset by Labour’s breakthrough result in Wakefield: those circling the wagons around the soon-to-be-ex Prime Minister? Or the self-styled Labour ‘left’? Given their vituperation once the news of Simon Lightwood’s victory came in, I would say the latter.  I won’t give them the oxygen of publicity, but […]

Platinum Jubilee: Can we survive the next 75 years without a written constitution?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee should be the occasion for more than a few half-hearted street parties and a second-rate pop concert. If the Monarchy chooses to place itself in the public gaze, then it should be prepared for proper scrutiny, not just bunting, cheering, singing, and drinking. And Duran Duran. Discussion about the Monarchy usually […]

Vision, not nostalgia, about work

This speech was delivered at Progressive Britain conference in May 2022. It’s fabulous to be here at Progressive Britain conference. We are here, and under Keir Starmer’s leadership we are going to move the country forward – so thank you. Thank you for your belief in what, at times, felt impossible. I fully endorse what […]

Fear of SNP influence will not win the Conservatives the next election

Talk of coalitions is back. Following the local elections, the received wisdom (and some polling evidence) suggests that we are heading for a hung parliament after the next general election in 2024. In response, the Spectator’s James Forsyth reported recently that some Conservatives were advocating a return to the party’s supposedly successful tactics in the […]

A Labour vision for levelling up: Place and power

With Labour consistently ahead in the polls and conference season rapidly coming into view, now is the time for the party to start setting out its plan for government. In recent months, Labour has begun to tentatively sketch out it’s alternative to levelling up. Lisa Nandy and her team have put forward five-point plan for […]