South Africa: apartheid, corruption and politics, with Lord Peter Hain

Joe speaks to Lord Peter Hain, who grew up in South Africa under apartheid rule before leaving for London with his family, was a leader in the protests against the South African cricket and rugby tours of the 60s and 70s. He then went on to become an MP, Secretary of State and now Labour […]

Wellbeing with Alison McGovern

The first in a mini-series hosted by Henna Shah and Cllr Amina Ali focusing on mental health and wellbeing. Henna and Amina spoke to Alison McGovern, shadow sports minister, about the relationship between wellbeing, the olympics, racism, housing, mental health policy and more…

Progressive History Project: Ep 1, The Progressive Dilemma   Laura Beers and Steven Fielding, hosts of the Progressive Britain History Project, speak to political scientist and professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield, Andrew Gamble, about the progressive dilemma popularised by David Marquand in his 1991 book of the same name.

US politics with Andy Laub   Joe speaks to next gen fellow at Foreign Policy for America, Andy Laub, about the current state of US politics, the legislation going (or rather not going) through congress, and the big challenges facing Biden and Harris on immigration and foreign policy.