The Labour Party Is A Party For Government, Not Protest

Only the most cynical or the most naïve people parrot the lie that Sam Tarry was ‘sacked for appearing on a picket line.’ If that was even a little bit true then Lisa Nandy would have been out on her ear, along with several other frontbenchers over this summer of discontent. We all know Tarry was […]

The Far-Left Project: A Journey Into Infighting

It is hard to tell who was more upset by Labour’s breakthrough result in Wakefield: those circling the wagons around the soon-to-be-ex Prime Minister? Or the self-styled Labour ‘left’? Given their vituperation once the news of Simon Lightwood’s victory came in, I would say the latter.  I won’t give them the oxygen of publicity, but […]

Platinum Jubilee: Can we survive the next 75 years without a written constitution?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee should be the occasion for more than a few half-hearted street parties and a second-rate pop concert. If the Monarchy chooses to place itself in the public gaze, then it should be prepared for proper scrutiny, not just bunting, cheering, singing, and drinking. And Duran Duran. Discussion about the Monarchy usually […]

Local elections 2022: The end of the beginning

Her Majesty the Queen has a new Labour council, the best jubilee gift she could possibly have hoped for. Not only the people in palaces, but also the oligarchs of Mayfair, the aristocrats of St James’s, and bankers of Belgravia are celebrating Westminster council turning red for the first time since 1964. New Labour leader […]

Selection season

In this month’s Paul on Politics, spring has sprung and with it minds are turning to the fresh potential Labour candidates for the next election… Margaret Beckett is the latest Labour old stager to announce their retirement. Some aspirant Labour MP will bag her Derby South constituency (majority 6,019). Yes, it’s selections season, and no […]

The Anti Nato Left: A shameful legacy

In this week’s column, Paul takes on the anti-Nato left, tracing its roots to show is has always been a fundamentally un-Labour position. There is no evidence that Lenin ever used the phrase ‘useful idiots’ to describe those in the West who gave succour to the cause of Russian communism without realising the extent of […]

Levelling up? That’s a job for Labour

In his first column of a new, monthly, series for Progressive Britain Paul Richards takes on Michael Gove… The Labour Government elected in 1997 set the ambitious goal that within 10 to 20 years no-one should be ‘seriously disadvantaged by where they live’. After nearly two decades of Tory indifference, malevolence or ‘managed decline’, there […]

Could the Corbyn party win in North London?

Could Jeremy Corbyn win as an independent? Or will he just serve as a distraction to the fight against the Tories? The Daily Telegraph reports that Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour MP for Islington North, is contemplating starting a new far-left political party using the resources of the ‘Peace and Justice Project’ which celebrates its […]

Momentum says ‘stay and sulk’ — we say ‘stay and fight’

Latest momentum briefing reveals  the widespread chaos and confusion on the hard left Congratulations to Helen Morgan, emphatic victor in the North Shropshire by-election. The electorate’s revulsion at government hypocrisy was matched only by their sophistication in how to best register their protest. As in Eastbourne over Thatcher and poll tax, or Newbury, Eastleigh and Christchurch […]