Security at Work in an Uncertain World

A new politics of work could address issues domestic and international, can Labour develop one?

Whether we like it or not, work is central to most of our lives. Often though, the forces that shape it are is beyond our control. 

At the macro level, the changing global economy, shocks like Covid-19, rapid technological change and the worsening geopolitical situation all change the number and kind of jobs in Britain. 

Closer to the actual workplace, poor management, a disempowered workforce and weakening legal rights leave workers frustrated and unproductive. 

Britain faces specific challenges but the shape of much of this crisis is similar across the Western world. 

This paper, the first output from the Foundation of European Progressive Studies’ (FEPS) and Progressive Britain’s Future of Work project, explores how politicians have and could craft a agenda to address the issues around work. 

It argues that work, and specifically security at work, can link the domestic and global and help politicians offer a coherent agenda for change. 

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