Security at work and structural change – Roundtable report

What can Labour learn from its European counterparts to support its mission for prosperity and security at work?

Against a backdrop of a more dangerous world, there is an increasing sense of a need for security, in every sense of the word. Labour’s missions for a better Britain depend on the development of effective policies for economic security, national security, and security at work.

A combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical ruptures have repoliticised the idea of work. At the Stockholm headquarters of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation LO, Progressive Britain and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies brought together trade unionists, social democrats and academics to discuss the politics of work in an age of change and crisis.

This report, the project on which it is based, Security at Work in an Uncertain World, and a future event in Berlin, seek to re-invigorate the Labour Party’s policies and strategies taking from some of the best practices of social democrats elsewhere in Europe. We aim to give serious thought to the industrial relations frameworks necessary to build consensus around more productive, skilled and stable national economies.

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