Security as means and ends – Roundtable report

Can Labour and its European counterparts learn from each other to re-envision a brighter future of work?

From Covid-19 to Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine, the profile of the risks and threats facing democratic politics and working people around the world has changed. Security- security at work, economic security and national security- is seeming increasingly beyond our control. Yet there is an opportunity in this new, more dangerous world to change the way we think about the security and the future of work.

This report comes as a result of discussions held at a roundtable event following the release of our new paper for Progressive Britain and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Security at Work in an Uncertain World. The roundtable event, held in London in December, brought together politicians, trade unionists and policymakers from across the labour movement and social democratic parties around Europe. 

The project aims to understand how global shifts in power are felt at the concrete level of how workplaces are experienced and organised across Europe. Next we will be taking these findings to the continent to discuss and share with colleagues facing similar challenges in Germany and Sweden.  

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