Regulation Redefined: Labour’s Vision – Briefing – 12th September 2023

Johnny Reynolds MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Business and Industrial Strategy was joined by Matt Bevington, author of Rebuilding the Regulatory Ecosystem and Phoebe Clay, Co-Director of Unchecked UK for a discussion on Labour’s vision for regulation, chaired by Emily Wallace.

What links the Grenfell Tower disaster, our sewage in our rivers, and the epidemic of hardworking people around Britain being paid under the minimum wage? The answer is badly written regulation, given to us by a Tory government that simply doesn’t care. 

Good regulation is the foundation for a fairer society and the slow erosion of the regulatory ecosystem under the Conservatives means Labour must have answers if it wants to be a responsible government in waiting. 

Johnny, Matt and Phoebe discussed the problems and solutions to the current regulatory decline, followed by a fascinating Q&A with attendees. 



12th September 2023


Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA


Johnny Reynolds

Shadow Business Secretary

Phoebe Clay

Co-Director of Unchecked UK

Matt Bevington

Practice Director at Global Counsel