Labour and the long fight: How should the next government support Ukraine? – 28th February 2024

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Labour thinkers and policymakers on February 28th at 7:00 PM, Committee Room One, House of Lords as we address the choices and challenges that lie ahead for a potential Labour government as the war in Ukraine enters its third year. 

We will delve into the current state of the conflict, assessing the impact of the 2023 counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces and where this leaves both sides’ military and political capacities. We will also discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of the Western reaction to Russia’s aggression and the evolving geopolitical landscape that Labour may encounter should it assume power.

With recent statements from the Shadow Foreign and Defence Secretary emphasising the UK’s intent to strengthen ties with NATO and European partners, we will explore the implications for long-term support for Ukraine within a potentially fractured Western alliance. What will continued support for Ukraine look like under Labour? 

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking discussion on this critical international issue.

Due to limited venue capacity there are fewer tickets available for this event so please ensure you book your spot now to avoid disappointment.

Speaker announcements will be made in due course. 



28th February 2024


Committee Room One, House of Lords, Parliament

1 Victoria Embankment London SW1A 2JR