Building the Foundations for Labour’s Future

Britain in 2022 is recovering from the pandemic, facing new geopolitical uncertainty and a cost of living crisis – all while having to deal with the long tail of challenges from the past that have never been adequately settled. The effects of austerity, the aging population, our future trading relationships with the world are not new issues, but have lost none of their significance.

The Labour Party must realise that the cumulative effect of all these crises is that we are now in a new age of politics. To respond, and own the future, it has to have a better understanding of its past. That’s why we have created this collection of pieces which explore how Labour’s history can be a strong foundation for its future.



Baroness Diane Hayter

Rethinking Labour’s past

Rachel Reeves MP

Building the foundations for Labour’s future

Nathan Yeowell

Labour and aspiration

Dr Jeremy Nuttall