‘The Death of Consensus’ With Phil Tinline – 30th January 2023

In the first of 2023’s Progressive History events, Times Red Box reporter Lara Spirit was joined by journalist Phil Tinline to discuss his recent book ‘The Death of Consensus: 100 Years of British Political Nightmares’.

Lara and Phil talk us through the historic shifts and political nightmares that have signified the creation (and destruction) of political consensus in the UK, how our current, divided society has been conditioned by fear – and what we can learn to secure a brighter future.


  • Lara Spirit, Times Red Box reporter 
  • Phil Tinline, journalist, author and leading producer of historical narrative documentaries



30th January 2023


Online – Zoom

Lara Spirit

Times Red Box Reporter

Phil Tinline

Journalist, Author, Documentarian