Croatian politics: a game played by many, won by the HDZ

photo of the outside of the Croatian parliament

The 2021 landslide victory in the Zagreb mayoral elections for Tomislav Tomašević was akin to a coronation for the ‘new’ progressive forces in Croatia. The green-left platform ‘Možemo!’ (We Can!) showed that they can reach out to a wide audience. At the same time, a world-renowned physicist, Ivica Puljak, won the mayoral race in Split,…

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Serbia in crisis: Can authoritarian trends be reversed?

Despite making progress in EU accession negotiations since 2014, Serbia is a country which has witnessed major democratic backsliding in recent years. Ever since Srpska napredna stranka (Serbian Progressive Party, SNS), led by Aleksandar Vučić, won an absolute majority of seats in the national parliament in 2014, the country entered a period of crisis in…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Case of Outsourced Politics?

A voter behind a screen in Bosnia and Hezegovina's 2016 general election

The first essay in Progressive Britain’s new ‘Spotlight on the Western Balkans’ series. Following Bosnian politics can be a daunting task. The country is stuck in a vicious cycle that can make events appear repetitive without any clear possibility for change – at least without the intervention of external actors. For that reason, many of…

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Why “groundhog day” in the Western Balkans is bad news for Europe

Fort in the bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Milica Delevic introduces Progressive Britain’s new ‘Spotlight on the Western Balkans’ series. After having been a major focus throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the countries of the Western Balkans (that is to say, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia) have largely dropped off the radar of international attention. Indeed,…

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Yellow Squares, Green Circles? Germany’s Coalition Kingmakers

Esther Brown and Marius S. Ostrowski After four successive election victories by outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, this year’s German election has created a political situation marked by an unfamiliar degree of uncertainty. What is clear from the results so far is that there are four parties in the running to form the next government: the…

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Bulgarian politics

Bulgaria faces prospect of third parliamentary election as uncertainty dominates Bulgaria appears to be heading for a third general election in a matter of months, after the second inconclusive parliamentary contest of the year, held on Sunday 11 July. The result, however, does seem to confirm the end of the Boiko Borissov era and will…

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The numbers behind the local elections

The May 2021 local elections: an analysis of vote-switching, polling and recent history Opposition parties tend to do well in local government elections so May’s set of results, where Labour lost over 300 council seats along with the Hartlepool by-election, were a disappointment. More recent polling has not been encouraging either – the Conservatives are…

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US Democratic Party Consensus on Israel

Biden’s Progressive Agenda Blown off Course? The Biden Administration came to power on January 20, 2021, with huge challenges not least of which were tackling the Covid-19 crisis and its related economic impact.  From a progressive perspective, Biden has been enormously successful in pursuing a raft of policies many of his more reluctant supporters on…

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Brazil’s path to illiberal populism

COVID-19 might strengthen the shift towards illiberal populism underway in Brazil The period between 1974 to 2005 was marked by an increasing number of states becoming democratic for the first time. However, from around 2006 this scenario began to change, with a movement away from democratic principles in many countries that persists until now. In…

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