On The Path To Power?

Imager header displaying a ballot featuring the Labour Party logo. A pencil is seen hovering above the logo.

Christabel Cooper takes a deep dive into the May 2022 election results Labour have enjoyed a steady 4-5% lead over the Conservatives in the polls for the last few months, which if carried through to a General Election would be enough to put Labour into government. But given the number of high-profile polling misses in […]

A Positive Labour Narrative On Immigration

Only a few weeks after its launch, almost 200,000 Britons have signed up to the government’s scheme to host Ukrainian refugees. Yet at the same time, the Tories are pushing through the Borders and Nationality Bill which the UNHCR has condemned as unfairly penalising most refugees arriving in Britain. The Conservatives clearly calculate that immigration […]

The Politics of the Pandemic: How Covid Finally Caught up with Boris Johnson

Over the last two years, the Covid pandemic has affected the lives of every single British person. Over 150,000 have died from Covid, the initial lockdown caused the worst recession since the Great Depression and our personal freedoms were restricted to an unimaginable degree. By any objective measure, the UK is towards the bottom of […]

The Rise and Fall of Johnsonism

Johnsonism has been a hard target for Labour to directly attack, but there are now signs that it is struggling. Labour has a chance to present a vision of the Britain where things aren’t “just about OK” What is Johnsonism? Following Rishi Sunak’s Budget, plenty of commentators felt they knew. The Chancellor had decided to […]

Why Labour shouldn’t be afraid of the Culture War

Shortly after Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader in 2015, David Cameron declared “Twitter is not Britain”. It was meant as an admonishment to those who thought that the widespread support for Corbyn on social media channels was representative of wider public opinion. These days it could equally be directed at a right-wing commentariat which […]

The numbers behind the local elections

The May 2021 local elections: an analysis of vote-switching, polling and recent history Opposition parties tend to do well in local government elections so May’s set of results, where Labour lost over 300 council seats along with the Hartlepool by-election, were a disappointment. More recent polling has not been encouraging either – the Conservatives are […]