Day: October 20, 2023

Frederick Harry Pitts & Andrew Pakes

A Progressive Politics of Work for the Age of Unpeace

What Labour can learn from the European centre-left In today’s turbulent world, the concept of security takes on new dimensions, transcending global complexities to touch the lives of individuals everywhere. Who better to shape this narrative into political action than social democrats? Security at work is not synonymous with stagnation;

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Paul Richards

Breakthrough By-Elections: The Big Picture of Labour’s Modernisation

Peter Kyle MP, the man who masterminded Labour’s breathtaking win in Mid-Beds, has called the result ‘a political earthquake’. But he’s wrong. It’s much bigger than that. An earthquake may shake the walls, knock over a few vases, and take down some buildings. The results from Mid-Bedfordshire and Tamworth are

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