Day: December 19, 2022

Lisa Nandy on left, looking at signpost which reads "future". Backdrop of a map of UK.
Matt Bevington

“All In”— a signpost, not a roadmap, to a better future

Britain isn’t working. That is the inciting claim of Labour shadow levelling up secretary Lisa Nandy’s new book, All In: How We Build a Country That Works. In the ensuing 200 pages, Nandy lays out a litany of public policy failures that have afflicted the UK in the Thatcher and

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Frederick Harry Pitts & Andrew Pakes

Security at Work in an Uncertain World

A new politics of work could address issues domestic and international, can Labour develop one? Whether we like it or not, work is central to most of our lives. Often though, the forces that shape it are is beyond our control. At the macro level, the changing global economy, shocks

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