Building the foundations for Labour’s future

The invasion of Ukraine marks the start of some quite frightening new era, the shape of which we don’t yet understand. Whether Putin’s aggression marks the start of a new ‘great game’ of powers and alliances struggling for land, or a tripartite ideological cold war between the West, Russia and China or something else entirely, […]

Medway: Left behind by ‘levelling up’

The long-awaited Levelling-up White Paper which champions Boris Johnson’s flagship policy, perhaps cynically, designed to secure his vote in traditional Labour heartlands, has finally been published. The paper sets out a strategy to spread opportunity more equally across the UK; ensuring that the concentration of wealth is not only in London and the South-East. Predominately […]

Aspirations to power

The subject of aspiration has long been an uneasy one for Labour. The Party has been out of power for much of its existence, more so than the Conservatives, and more than either the American Democrats, or the Victorian-era Liberal party. The reasons for this are complex, but one enduring factor has been its difficulty […]